portrait by Danielle Corsetto

 Daniel Currie Hall

Associate Professor
Program in Linguistics & Department of English
Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, N.S.

Teaching in 2022–23

LING 2330:
fall 2022 · TR 11:30–12:45
LING 2310:
fall 2022 · TR 2:30–3:45
LING 3310:
Advanced Phonology
winter 2023 · TR 2:30–3:45

(Course materials will be available to students via SMUport.)

Teaching materials online

Interactive Sagittal Section

  • Displays mid-sagittal sections and IPA transcriptions for user-specified consonant articulations
  • Runs in a Web browser using JavaScript

Courses taught in previous years

Courses that I designed and taught the first time they were offered are marked like this:

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