portrait by Danielle Corsetto

 Daniel Currie Hall

Associate Professor
Program in Linguistics & Department of English
Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, N.S.


I teach in the Program in Linguistics at Saint Mary’s University (and am currently also serving as program coordinator). My core area is phonology, but because we’re a small program, I also get to teach a variety of other topics, including phonetics, semantics, and occasionally syntax and morphology, as well as our Introduction to Linguistics (LING 1200).

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I’m interested in formal featural representations in phonology and morphosyntax, particularly with regard to the role that contrast plays in constraining the range of possible representations and determining how they are interpreted.

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[ORCID iD icon]ORCID: 0000-0002-5831-6679


Ph.D. – University of Toronto, 2007 (Linguistics)

M.A. – University of Toronto, 1998 (Linguistics)

B.A. – University of Toronto, 1997 (Innis College)

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